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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Hydro Blind Solutions for Product Rentals or Sales?

While we understand you have many options for blind flange, spade/split, and figure 8 blind rentals and purchase, Hydro Blind Solutions strives to stand above all competitors. We do this through our 40+ years of combined experience, our fast and efficient services, diversity of products, and our extensive support and help services.

Our goal is to ensure your needs are met, both completely and efficiently. You will have no delays, no supply issues, and our team is dedicated to making certain all aspects of our services and transactions go as smoothly as possible.

How Long Does Product Delivery Take?

If you’re worried about a deadline, you don’t need to when you call on Hydro Blind Solutions. We guarantee 24-hour delivery no matter what we’re shipping, or where the products are going.

Does Hydro Blind Solutions Offer Custom Machining?

We do! Hydro Blind Solutions offers both custom machining and CNC plasma services to fulfill a wide range of customization needs. We can complete customization to reduce or reshape flanges for custom pipe nipples, for drilling and tapping, as well as for a range of additional purposes. For more in-depth information regarding our custom offerings, we suggest you check our full-service page on custom machining here.

Does Hydro Blind Solutions Offer 24-Hour Service & Support?

Absolutely. All of our services, from rentals and sales to custom machining are available 24 hours, seven days a week. You can connect with Hydro Blind Solutions online via email or online contact form, or you can call (409) 736-7665 to connect with our service team. Our teams can answer questions, fulfill orders, and provide complete support no matter the time or the day.

Does Hydro Blind Solutions Only Ship Nationwide?

Hydro Blind Solutions offers our full range of rentals and purchases worldwide. We’ve been supplying to a wide range of businesses all across the world for years, and we are proud to count ourselves as complete provides of blind flange and blinds to a wide range of industries, companies, and major projects everywhere.

What Industries Has Hydro Blind Solutions Worked With?

In our 40+ years, our experience has extended to an extremely diverse range of businesses, projects, and industry types. The industries we most frequently worked with include, but are not limited to:

  • Refinery
  • Pipeline
  • Construction
  • Oilfield
  • Fabrication
  • Engineering
  • Offshore drilling
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

We are also more than happy to work with smaller or more niche industries. If you’re unsure whether Hydro Blind Solutions can meet your needs, we would urge you to connect with us today to discuss!

Can Hydro Blind Solutions Help Me If I Don’t Know Exactly What I Need?

We would be happy to! Members of our teams, both those in fabrication and our support teams, have been working in isolation piping services for decades. If you’re unsure what exact product you’re looking for, or you’re not sure whether you should purchase or rent, you can rely on our experts to guide you to the products and services that will suit your particular needs best.

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