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Industries We Serve

With over four decades of industry experience, Hydro Blind Solutions has established itself as a trusted provider of industrial piping products and services. We are renowned for exceptional customer service and a commitment to working with a diverse range of industries. Our ability to complete projects on time and within budget sets us apart, as we offer turnkey solutions for downstream, mainstream, and upstream markets.

Serving a Wide Range of Industries With Custom Solutions

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide custom products and machining services, ensuring a full inventory of isolation piping products available for rent or purchase. Additionally, we offer worldwide shipping and service for all 50 U.S. states, backed by our guaranteed 24-hour call-out services. Let’s explore the various industries we serve and the products and services that cater to their unique requirements.


We understand the unique challenges faced by refineries and offer tailored isolation piping products, such as blind flanges, paddle blinds, and figure 8/spectacle blinds. Our expertise in machining services ensures precise, reliable components that help maintain safe and efficient operations.


Pipeline construction and maintenance require durable, high-quality products, such as our forged steel plugs, threaded reducing bushings, and ball valves. With Hydro Blind Solutions, you can trust that our inventory of isolation piping products will meet the rigorous demands of the pipeline industry.


In the construction industry, reliable and efficient isolation piping products are crucial. Our spacer sets, vented paddle blinds, and flange stud bolts are designed to ensure the safety and integrity of your projects. With our custom machining services, we can provide tailored solutions that suit your specific requirements.


Hydro Blind Solutions is well-equipped to serve the oilfield industry with our range of high-quality, durable products like pipe nipples, plugs with lanyards, and spiral wound gaskets. Our commitment to providing reliable, on-time solutions makes us the perfect partner for your oilfield operations.


We work closely with our clients to develop bespoke solutions that meet the specific needs of their projects, ensuring high-quality results every time. Our custom machining services for fabrication facilities include:


Hydro Blind Solutions is committed to providing top-notch products and services to the engineering industry. Our comprehensive range of isolation piping products, combined with our custom machining services, ensures that we can meet the demands of even the most complex engineering projects.

Offshore Drilling

Offshore drilling operations require specialized, durable products to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment. Our wide range of isolation piping products meets your unique challenges and includes:

With our 24-hour call-out service and worldwide shipping, you can trust Hydro Blind Solutions to support your offshore drilling projects.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

The LNG industry relies on high-quality, specialized products to maintain safe and efficient operations. Hydro Blind Solutions offers a range of isolation piping products, including blind flanges, paddle blinds, and figure 8/spectacle blinds, that are designed to meet the specific requirements of this rapidly growing sector.

Our custom machining services ensure precise, reliable components essential to your LNG projects’ success.

Why Choose Hydro Blind Solutions?

With over 40 years of experience, Hydro Blind Solutions stands as a leading industrial company providing exceptional services worldwide. We manufacture all of our products in-house and guarantee 24-hour service. Our full inventory of isolation piping products ensures that we have the right solution for your business needs, no matter the industry.

Trust Hydro Blind Solutions for Spectacle Blinds, Paddle Blinds, Blind Flanges, and More Worldwide

Hydro Blind Solutions boasts the largest in-stock, ready-to-ship inventory of blind flanges and paddle blinds in various sizes and configurations. Instead of searching for multiple suppliers for your isolation piping products, rely on us for all your company’s requirements. With 40 years of industry experience, Hydro Blind Solutions is the trusted source for blinds and flanges worldwide.

To learn more about our products and machining services, contact Hydro Blind Solutions at 409-736-7665 or fill out our contact form. We serve all 50 U.S. states and provide worldwide shipping and service to meet your project needs.

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