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Drilling and Tapping Services

Drilling and tapping are two different actions that are used to drill or thread holes into any solid surface. Due to the diverse nature of the various industries that utilize this practice and the number of applications they may be used for, custom machining is required to meet the unique demands of each scenario. Hydro Blind Solutions offers a multitude of complex machining services designed to assist with a vast array of projects and businesses around the world.

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What Is Drilling and Tapping?

Drilling and tapping machines may vary in size from a small countertop model to a large-scale, heavy-duty machine used for manufacturing. The size and type of drilling and tapping mechanism that is used depends on the type of material that needs to be drilled or tapered, the accuracy that is needed, and the length of thread that is to be formed.

Various types of taps include:

  • Bottoming taps – Engineered to cut a thread to the bottom of a blind hole.
  • Hand taps – Utilized for general projects with blind and through holes.
  • Taper taps – Designed to gradually thread a hole in materials that may break or are difficult to cut.
  • Plug taps – For holes that go through the material, or if there is room at the bottom of a blind hole.
  • Spiral pointed taps – Used for deep hole tapping.

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Drilling and Tapping Applications

Drilling and tapping equipment is used in a variety of applications including engineering and heavy machinery, providing a means of carrying out operations that would be conducted in a machine shop environment. This type of equipment may be used to manufacture a number of useful items such as automobile frames, furniture, boats, and more, and is commonly used in the aerospace and automobile industries.

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How to Find the Best Drilling Company

Finding the right company to work with can be a daunting task, but there is a number of criteria to look for to help you find the best drilling company for your needs, including:

  • The company is up to date with the latest technology, materials, and techniques.
  • The company has the capabilities to meet your exact needs in a suitable time frame.
  • Experienced experts are on hand to discuss your project and communicate your exact needs.
  • Technicians possess the skills and deep knowledge of the industry.

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Our Custom Machining Services

Our custom machining services include:

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