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Hydro Blind Solutions Flange Refacing

Flanges are critical to many industries’ daily operations, and occasionally they need to be renovated in a process we call flange refacing. It’s sometimes called flange resurfacing — but by any name, it’s not a DIY project. You need machining services to resurface a flange. If it’s flat, we’ll machine until the defects are smoothed. Depending on the level of damage and age, raised-face flanges sometimes have to be machined flat before new serrations are added.

Hydro Blind Solutions is the global go-to for flange resurfacing. If you need it, we can provide 24-hour turnaround, seven days a week to keep your project on time. But maintenance is the best prevention to avoid leaks and corrosion.

What Is Flange Refacing?

Flange resurfacing is an ongoing process. Flanges are going to always experience damage due to flow and ebb. During construction or installation work, there can be some kind of impact with another component.

Flange resurfacing is a standard maintenance task and is often scheduled during seasonal or holiday shut-downs.

Causes of flange damage can include:

  • Chemical debris/damage
  • Corrosion, often due to humidity or a “salty” or coastal environment
  • Debris – dirt, sand, trash
  • Galvanic corrosion
  • Improper fitting
  • Improper transport
  • Incorrect masking
  • Mechanical – physical-force damage
  • Sloppy handling (for example, worker accidentally hits with another tool)
  • Unsuitable lifting/movement
  • Water – rainwater pooling inside machinery, etc.

Benefits of Flange Refacing

For many industries, flanges are critical to lines that allow us to transport materials like gas, oil, and water. They allow us to construct large units out of smaller connections.

Protecting flanges and preventing damage is worth it. Training your employees to be careful when handling flanges can save a lot of time and money by minimizing project delays.

When flanges refacing is necessary as a maintenance or emergency procedure, Hydro Blind Solutions can provide 24-hour turnaround.

Why Choose Hydro Blind Solutions?

Because There’s No Substitute for Experience

We believe sharing knowledge empowers you. Hydro Blind Solutions’ team of industry professionals will partner with you to keep your project within budget and on-time. We’ll do that by sharing our experiences and our knowledge so you can make better, more informed decisions for your company.

Our custom machining services and products include:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small subcontracting business or a global operative. When you’ve got decisions to make, you need information fast. We offer a 24-hour turnaround time, and we’re available every day. If you have questions, call 409-736-7665 or contact us today.

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