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Our Services for the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry

Natural gas is an abundant, clean-burning energy source for everything from home cookstoves and ovens to municipal vehicle fleets and power plants. Liquefied natural gas makes the product more portable, allowing large tankers or ships to transport it anywhere in the world.

As liquefied natural gas production increases, our experts at Hydro Blind Solutions can provide the products you need to keep your LNG business running smoothly. We offer isolation piping solutions like blind flanges, paddle blinds, and spectacle blinds, as well as machining services for any custom solutions your LNG company may need. We serve oil and gas companies in the United States and beyond, and we offer 24-hour service for fast worldwide shipping of our products. Our services for the LNG industry include:

Product rentals, including:

Product sales, including:

Custom machining services:

  • Drilling and tapping
  • Reducing flanges
  • Refacing or flat-facing flanges
  • Taper boring flanges
  • Custom pipe nipples
  • And more

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What Is Liquefied Natural Gas Used For?

After liquefied natural gas has been shipped to its destination, it is usually returned to gas form and distributed through standard natural gas lines. This allows it to be used for all standard residential and commercial needs, such as:

  • Powering stoves, grills, and ovens for cooking
  • Powering furnaces, boilers, and fireplaces for heating
  • Providing domestic hot water through a water heater
  • Providing emergency power with a standby generator
  • Powering commercial and industrial appliances and processes
  • Powering commercial kitchens, HVAC systems, incinerators, and more

Some facilities may use LNG in its liquid form, such as municipal vehicle fleets, natural gas power plants, or manufacturer facilities that use LNG as an ingredient for plastics.

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Liquefied Natural Gas: The Process

Natural gas takes up a large volume in its natural state, making it difficult to transport cost-effectively. With the natural gas liquefaction process, the gas is cooled to -260 degrees, which decreases its volume and increases its density. LNG destiny is substantially higher than natural gas, and the finished product takes only 1/600th of the space. LNG is transported with special cryogenic trucks and ships, allowing the product to remain in its liquid state. LNG composition remains the same, however, with the same ratio of methane, ethane, and other components as the original gas. The benefits of LNG include:

  • Easier transportation than natural gas
  • Improved safety
  • Clean, efficient, environmentally friendly fuel
  • Can be used in hundreds of appliances, processes, and other applications
  • Cost-effective compared to other energy sources

To learn more about the benefits of LNG, talk to our team today.

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Keep your business operating smoothly with custom isolation piping and machining solutions from our team at Hydro Blind Services. All our products are manufactured at our facility, and we offer 24-hour service to make sure you receive your parts quickly worldwide.

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