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Blind Flange Rentals in Midland, TX

At Hydro Blind Solutions, we keep the largest inventory of blind flange rental products to meet your piping isolation needs. We supply blind flanges to companies in a variety of sizes and pressure classes. We also have blind flanges available for purchase. Whatever your project needs, we’re the company to choose. We ship worldwide, including Midland, TX.

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Types of Blind Flange Rentals We Offer

Looking to rent blind flanges in Midland, TX? We offer a variety of sizes and pressure classes to suit your project’s needs. All blind flanges are in-stock, ranging from ½” to 90” for 150# to 2500# class rating, and available for same-day local or nationwide shipping. MTRs are available by request on all rental flanges. Our blind flange rental offerings include:

Class 150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500# & 2500# available with sizes ranging from ½” – 90″ inches. NPT taps on all flanges available by request.

Blind Flange Size Chart

ANSI B16.5 Blind Flange Rental

  • A105 Raised Face Carbon Steel ANSI B16.5 Blind Flange Rental
  • A105 RTJ Carbon Steel ANSI B16.5 Blind Flange Rental

ASME B16.47 Series A & B Blind Flange Rental

  • A105 Raised Face Carbon Steel ASME B16.47 Series A & B Blind Flange Rental

Check out our blind flange specifications page for more details.

Need something custom? With our in-house CNC plasma and machining capabilities, we can engineer and produce the products you need in a moment’s notice.

Our goal at Hydro Blind Solutions is to provide industrial piping products to help finish a job on time and on budget. When planning your next project, whether short-term or long-term, ask yourself, would you benefit from renting vs. purchasing blind flanges? We offer blind flange rentals that assist refineries, pipelines, and drilling contractors by performing hydro tests and maintenance operations safely, cost-effectively, and efficiently. Whatever your needs, we’re the company to call. Contact us for blind flanges, paddle blinds, figure 8 blinds, and more in Midland, TX!

Industries We Serve

Hydro Blind Solutions works with businesses worldwide to quickly provide them the blind flanges they need. No matter what application your Midland, TX business needs them for, we make sure you get the best blind flanges available on the market today. Here are just some of the industries we’ve helped get their jobs done more quickly and efficiently:

Frequently Asked Questions About Blind Flange Rentals in Midland, TX

What are blind flanges?

Blind flanges are solid disks that form a stop or block off a pipeline. You can also use them to seal a nozzle opening on a pressure vessel. Blind flanges and regular flanges are machined the same way. Mounting holes surround the perimeter, and gasket sealing rings are machined into the mating surface. The two types differ in that blind flanges don’t have an opening that allows fluid to pass through.

Hydro Blind Solutions maintains a large inventory of blind flanges ready to ship to your Midland, TX business.

What’s the difference between blind flanges and blank flanges?

Blind flanges have no opening, so fluid cannot pass through.

What are the advantages of using blind flanges?

Blind flanges are simple to install, can save your Midland, TX business a substantial amount of time and money, and are a much more cost-efficient way to seal a pipe when doing repairs. They also allow crews to stop the flow of liquid much closer to the job site instead of having to travel to another valve located miles from where the work is being done. Many pipeline contractors use blind flanges at the ends of pipelines to allow for expansion or continuation.

Is it better to rent or purchase blind flanges?

Whether to rent or buy blind flanges depends on your company’s current and future needs. On many projects, parts and tools are only used for a small portion of the job. In many cases, renting blind flanges for a few days or weeks can make a lot more sense than purchasing them.

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