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Flange Stud Bolts

Stud bolts for flanges are inserted in flange holes and tightened to seal a flanged joint. The number, length, and type of flange stud bolt you need for proper bolting of ASME pressure vessels and piping depends on the flange type, diameter, and rating as per the ASME.

At first glance, the number of available stud bolts can be overwhelming, but each has different mechanical properties, and some perform better in certain environments such as high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

Fastener Standards

Industrial fasteners and flange stud bolts are governed by certain industry standards regarding the material used. Flange stud bolts consist of a fully threaded steel rod and two matching hexagonal heavy steel nuts. Stud bolts are crucial in properly sealing flanged joints.

  • Stud bolt length depends on the diameter and rating of the flange it’s being used with.
  • Stud bolt thread pitch refers to the steepness of the angle of thread.
  • Stud bolt thread series is the diameter and pitch combination and is measured by the number of threads per inch applied to a single diameter.

The material chosen for threaded stud bolts and hex nuts should be compatible and is selected based on the application’s working temperature. Flange stud bolts intended for use in high-temperature settings are subject to tension, stress-rupture, and hardness tests. To lower friction and resist corrosion, stud bolts can also be coated.

Hydro Blind Solutions’ in-house CNC plasma and machining capabilities make it possible for us to engineer and produce the flange stud bolts you need at a moment’s notice. Contact our team today!

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Located in Port Arthur, TX, Hydro Blind Solutions is the leading manufacturer of flange stud bolts. Our 40 years of combined experience make us the top choice manufacturer for companies around the world, including those in these industries:

Our flange stud bolts are the perfect choice in applications that involve fluctuating temperatures and pressures. All our products are manufactured in-house and we stock a large variety of flange stud bolts. For your convenience and to meet urgent needs, we guarantee 24-hour service.

To learn more about flange stud bolts for your joint seal applications, contact Hydro Blind Solutions today. Our extensive inventory of ready-to-ship isolation piping products, together with our quick and comprehensive service, means you never have to worry about lack of supplies or delays.

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