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At Hydro Blind Solutions, we carry a wide array of products to meet your piping isolation needs, including spiral wound gaskets. Introduced in 1912, spiral wound gaskets weren’t routinely used in industrial piping applications until the 1990s. Spiral wounds are now the preferred metallic gaskets in many piping flanges, due to their compressibility and recovery. They’re now the metal gasket of choice for TX refineries, oilfields, offshore drilling, pipeline, and other industries that use isolation piping products.

Advantages to spiral wound gaskets include:

  • Unlike regular flat gaskets, the surface finish on spiral wound gaskets doesn’t deteriorate over time, making the joint harder to seal.
  • They work well with corrosive media and in high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.
  • Their long life reduces downtime.

Need high-quality spiral wound gaskets for your business’s industrial piping needs? Contact Hydro Blind Solutions today.

Supplying Companies Worldwide with Spiral Wound Gaskets

Hydro Blind Solutions in Port Arthur, TX is a premier manufacturer of spiral wound gaskets. With 40 years of combined experience, we produce precision-engineered spiral wound gaskets that are ideal for a wide range of applications calling for a high-quality gasket that can withstand fluctuating temperatures and pressures.

As the top-choice industrial company in TX, we provide customized spiral wound gaskets for companies around the world. All our products are manufactured in-house, we stock a large variety of spiral wound gaskets, and we guarantee 24-hour service.

To learn more about whether a spiral wound gasket is the best option for your joint seal applications, contact us today. Our full inventory of ready-to-ship isolation piping products combined with our quick and comprehensive service means you never have to worry about lack of supplies or delays.

Spiral Wound Gasket FAQs

What Is a Spiral Wound Gasket?

The most common metallic gasket used in industrial plants, spiral wounds have three main elements: a steel outer ring, a special steel inner ring, and a sealing element that contains both windings and filler material.

How Do Spiral Wound Gaskets Work?

Created by winding alternating strips of metal and filler material, spiral wounds offer resistance to corrosive and toxic elements when used in flanged joints, boiler handholes, heat exchangers, manholes, and other high-temperature applications. The outer ring centers the gasket when inserted into a bolted flange joint. The inner ring keeps windings from buckling inside the pipe and sealing elements prevent leaks.

Can Spiral Wounds Be Reused?

We often hear this question. The short answer is we do not recommend this practice because once a gasket is compressed its ability to reseal decreases.

How Much Do Spiral Wound Gaskets Compress?

There are seven pressure classes: 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500. The higher the number, the greater the gasket’s ability to tolerate pressure.

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