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Isolation Piping Products for Rental & Purchase in Houston, TX

Paddle Blinds, Slip Blinds, Spade Blinds, Blind Flanges & More for Purchase or Rental

Isolation Piping Products for Rental & Purchase in Houston, TX

In an effort to provide the best product and service to Houston businesses, we have adjusted our efforts. We have removed our outdated products and services, replacing them with cutting-edge piping products and machining services in Houston. This constant evolution allows us to stay on top of Houston-specific issues and provide detailed solutions.

To explore our piping and machining services for your Houston, TX, operation, call 409-736-7665 today.

What We Offer

Our team works relentlessly to give you as many product options as possible in Houston. To fill as many needs as possible, we offer the following piping products:

ASME B16.48 Hydro Paddle/Slip/Spade Blind:

  • ASME B16.48 Hydro Paddle/Slip/Spade Blind
  • A516-70 Paddle/Slip/Spade Blind
  • 304/304L Paddle/Slip/Spade Blind
  • 316/316L Paddle/Slip/Spade Blind

Isolation Paddle/Slip/Spade Blind (5/16” Thick)

  • A516-70 Paddle/Slip/Spade Blind

ASME B16.48 Figure 8/Spectacle Blind

  • A516-70 Carbon Steel Figure 8/Spectacle Blind
  • A36 Carbon Steel Figure 8/Spectacle Blind

ANSI B16.5 Blind Flanges

  • A105 Raised Face Carbon Steel ANSI B16.5 Blind Flange
  • A105 RTJ Carbon Steel ANSI B16.5 Blind Flange

ASME B16.47 Series A & B Blind Flanges

  • A105 Raised Face Carbon Steel ASME B16.47 Series A&B Blind Flange

We know that every Houston business has different needs. This is why we offer rental or purchasing options. The flexibility of rental or purchase allows you to get the tools you need to complete your job while remaining on schedule and under budget.

Comprehensive Machining Services

Along with piping products, we also specialize in machining services for Houston businesses. Our machining services include the following:

  • Drilling & tapping: By putting a hole or thread of holes into a surface, drilling and tapping services allow you to customize your applications.
  • Refacing: As time progresses, your flanges will occasionally need to be touched up, which is where our refacing services can assist.
  • Taper boring
  • Custom pipe nipples: To provide the best outcome for your pipes, you’ll often need custom pipe nipples which is something that our team can provide.

It’s crucial for these services to be provided in-house. With how unique every business and job is, the in-house nature of these jobs provide two main benefits: customization and promptness. Our team can provide customization levels that will directly improve your Houston business and will provide your services in a timely manner.

To schedule machining services for your Houston, TX, business, call Hydro Blind Solutions today at 409-736-7665.

Serving Diverse Industries in Houston

We have a commitment to help as many Houston businesses as possible. The industries we serve in Houston include the following:

Our team takes pride in being able to help each of these industries by adjusting our approach for each job. We know how Houston-based companies will face geo-specific issues, which is why we have accounted for this in our services and products.

Choose Hydro Blind Solutions for Your Piping Product Needs

You won’t find a vendor better suited to fill your needs than the team at Hydro Blind Solutions. We provide state-of-the art access to updated products and services to improve and assist your Houston operation.

Call 409-736-7665 to explore how Hydro Blind Solutions can provide industry-specific piping and machining services for your Houston, TX, business.

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