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Isolation Piping Products for Rental & Purchase in New York

Blind Flanges, Paddle Blinds & Spectacle Blinds in New York

Our team works hard to deliver fast and reliable products on time and on budget. Our responsive team is available to provide turnkey solutions for any need. We guarantee that our industrial piping products will fit perfectly and perform flawlessly.

24-Hour Call-Out Services in New York

Whether you’re testing pipe pressure or need to create an access point in your pipes, the team at Hydro Blind Solutions is ready to help! We are available 24/7, providing fast, effective, and reliable solutions and piping products when you need them.

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Products We Sell & Rent in New York

We design and build custom solutions to meet any need. We carefully measure and test each component to confirm the tightest fit and smoothest operation, including:

Blind Flanges for Purchase or Rent

Our blind flanges are stable and solid, which makes them ideal for use within oil and gas, material fabrication, engineering, and construction. Our blind flange rentals are ideal for testing and repair work, while our blind flange sales are better suited for long-term needs.

ANSI B16.5 Blind Flanges

  • A105 Raised Face Carbon Steel ANSI B16.5 Blind Flange
  • A105 RTJ Carbon Steel ANSI B16.5 Blind Flange

ASME B16.47 Series A & B Blind Flanges

  • A105 Raised Face Carbon Steel ASME B16.47 Series A & B Blind Flange

Paddle Blinds, Slip Blinds & Spade Blinds for Purchase or Rent

We offer a full range of custom slip, pancake, and paddle blinds for use in material fabrication, pipelines, offshore drilling, engineering, and construction. We maintain inventories available for rental or purchase, depending on whether you need the item for short- or long-term purposes.

ASME B16.48 Paddle / Slip / Spade Blind

  • A516-70 Carbon Steel Paddle / Slip / Spade Blind
  • 304/304L Stainless Steel Paddle / Slip / Spade Blind
  • 316/316L Stainless Steel Paddle / Slip / Spade Blind

Isolation Paddle / Slip / Spade Blind (5/16 Thick)

  • A516-70 Paddle / Slip / Spade Blind

Figure 8 Blinds & Spectacle Blinds for Purchase or Rent

We offer a comprehensive range of both standard and custom manufactured figure 8 and spectacle blinds. These blinds have a broad range of tolerances and provide maximum flow control. They also provide exceptional flow control in a lightweight design and are ideal for isolating small sections for maintenance, repair, or renovation.

ASME B16.48 Figure 8 / Spectacle Blind

  • A516-70 Carbon Steel Figure 8 / Spectacle Blind
  • 304/304L Stainless Steel Figure 8 / Spectacle Blind
  • 316/316L Stainless Steel Figure 8 / Spectacle Blind

Contact Hydro Blind Solutions at 409-736-7665 for more information about our company and the reliable rentals we provide.

Machining Services in New York

We can drill and tap flanges, taper boring, build custom pipe nipples, and more, including:

  • Oxyfuel cutting: We can perform both manual and mechanical oxyfuel cutting services.
  • Flange refacing: We’ll quickly and effectively reface your flange so that it delivers the performance you require.
  • Reducing flanges: This is the most cost-effective method to unite different-sized flanges and doesn’t require welding.

When you need machining services, you can always depend on the team at Hydro Blind Solutions! Contact us online or call 409-736-7665 to request services!

Industries We Serve in New York

Our team has a wide range of skills and expertise. This allows us to proudly serve a broad range of industries in New York, including:

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We offer a full inventory of custom, in-house manufactured isolation piping products. Most importantly, we have the logistical network required to provide expedient worldwide shipping and service to all 50 states.

We guarantee 24-hour call-out services you can depend upon. When you need fast and reliable service for the most complex problems, we guarantee our team will rise to the challenge!

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