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Frequently Asked Questions About Blind Flanges, Paddle Blinds & Custom Machining Services

What Is CNC Machining?

Computer Numerical Control machining relies on advanced software to automate the cutting process.

This improves the finished cut quality and reduces the time and labor required to precision cut materials.

What Materials Can Oxyfuel Cut?

Oxyfuel will deliver a highly accurate, clean cut, but it is only suitable for use with ferrous materials, including carbon steel.

However, it is not suitable for use with stainless steel or aluminum. It can cut through materials that are a maximum of 4 inches thick.

Can Plasma Be Used To Cut Through Hardened Steel?

Yes, plasma cutters can cut through hardened steel with a maximum of 2 inches thickness.

For comparison, plasma cutting can be used on most conductive materials with a maximum of 4 inches thickness.

How Does Plasma Cutting Work?

Plasma cutters utilize a plasma torch that blows inert gasses from the nozzle at high speeds.

This process creates an electrical arc that transforms the gas into a precision cutting stream of plasma.

How Precise Is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is one of the most precise cutting options available.

The speed and superior quality of the cut make it the first choice for a wide range of industries.

What Is the Difference Between CNC Plasma and Oxyfuel Cutting Options?

Oxyfuel cutting works by heating the metal to the material’s kindling temperature. Once this temperature is reached, a high-pressure stream of pure oxygen oxidizes the material and blows away the oxidized metal.

CNC plasma operates by heating the gas and then ionizing it. At this point, the electrically conductive gas facilitates the creation of an electric arc that cuts the metal.

What’s the Advantage of Choosing Oxyfuel Over CNC Plasma?

Both are highly efficient and effective at cutting through the material. Oxyfuel is a cheaper solution and requires minimal maintenance once the machinery is positioned.

Oxyfuel can also cut through a wider range of materials (except aluminum), making it more versatile.

Are Spacer Rings Custom Manufactured?

In most cases, spacer rings are custom designed and produced. Because of the unique qualities and pipe sizes, custom manufacturing ensures that gaps are properly compensated and that any misalignments are corrected.

What Are Spectacle Blinds?

Spectacle blinds consist of two round plates connected with a steel bar in the center. The finished assembly resembles a pair of glasses, hence the name.

A solid plate is on one side of the assembly, while the other side has an opening to facilitate flow.

Can Spacers Be Removed and Replaced With Paddle Blinds?

Absolutely. When you want to shut the flow off within a pipe, spacers can be removed and replaced with a paddle blind.

How Can Vented Paddle Blinds Help My Business?

Vented paddle blinds, also commonly known as bleeder blinds, slip blinds, spade blinds, or ported blinds, are safe and reliable solutions that give you greater control over your operations.

You can use them to verify or relieve line pressure, facilitate access for hydro testing or hydrocarbon/gas testing, bleed or drain lines, and more.

What Industries Typically Use Vented Paddle Blinds?

Because of their versatility, vented paddle blinds are widely used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Refineries
  • Pipelines
  • Oilfields
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Offshore oil drilling
  • Liquefied natural gas production
  • And more

What Are Blind Flanges?

Blind flanges consist of solid disks made of carbon steel or stainless steel that are highly effective at blocking off a pipeline. They feature gasket sealing rings that are machined directly into the mating surface.

This creates an impenetrable seal that prevents fluid from passing through, thus making blind flanges an ideal solution for blocking flow within a pipeline.

Is It Worth the Investment To Install Blind Flanges?

Blind flanges are a cost-effective method of sealing pipes. They reduce the time and resources required to perform repairs and other maintenance tasks.

They can also be used to temporarily seal a pipe until expansion or continuation works can begin.

What Custom Machining Services Do You Offer?

We are experts at cutting through a wide range of materials for our clients. Our custom machining services include:

  • Drilling and taping
  • Flange refacing
  • Taper boring
  • Reducing flanges
  • Custom pipe nipples
  • And more!

Do you have more questions about flanges, paddle blind rental, CNC cutting, or oxyfuel cutting?

Contact Hydro Blind Solutions online at 409-736-7665, and we will be happy to give you the answers you need to make the best decision for your business!

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