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Blind Flanges

When it’s necessary to isolate a section of piping for maintenance, redirect flow in a piping system, or stop the flow completely, a blind flange is the ideal solution. It bolts in place of a standard flange and uses similar gaskets or seals to create a leak-free temporary or permanent cap.

Whether you need standard blind flanges, custom sizes, or rentals for a short-term project, our team at Hydro Blind Solutions can help. We provide blind flange purchase and rental for companies throughout the United States, as well as global markets, and we feature in-house machining services for creating custom components. We offer:

For high-quality isolation piping products, count on our team at Hydro Blind Solutions. Call 409-736-7665 today for blind flange rental or purchases anywhere in the United States or worldwide.

How a Blind Flange Works

A blind flange resembles a standard pipe flange, but it has no opening in the center to allow fluids or gases to flow. It’s bolted in the place of another pipe flange, isolating a section of pipe to stop flow or redirect flow. This can be done for maintenance or repairs, such as replacing a faulty valve or performing hydrostatic testing on that section of pipe.

Types of Blind Flanges

There are three types of blind flanges that are in common use:

  • Flat face blind flanges: Made from a solid steel plate with a completely flat surface and holes drilled to accept the flange bolts, flat face flanges use a full face gasket and are best for low-pressure applications.
  • Raised face blind flange: A raised face (RF) flange features a center sealing surface that protrudes slightly compared to the surrounding flange. This allows for a better seal at high pressures.
  • Ring-type joint flange: Ring-type joint (RTJ) flanges feature a raised surface in the center, along with a groove that accepts a specialized seal for high-pressure applications.

At Hydro Blind Solutions, we offer both raised face and ring-type joint flanges for sale or rental. Call 409-736-7665 for your quote now.

Specifications & Classes

No matter your application, Hydro Blind Solutions provides high-quality blind flanges in a range of sizes and pressure ratings to meet your needs. We feature:

  • B16.5 flanges: Available in RF and RTJ configurations, B16.5 blind flanges fit nominal pipe sizes (NPS) from ½ to 24 inches.
  • B16.47 flanges: Available in RF only, B16.47 blind flanges fit NPS 26 through NPS 72 pipes.
  • Pressure classes: We offer blind flanges for Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500 pipes.

Our blind flanges feature high-strength carbon steel or stainless steel construction, plus we offer custom steel alloys, as well.

For help selecting the correct blind flange for your project, call 409-736-7665 or contact us online.

Choose Hydro Blind Solutions for Custom Industrial Piping Products

From the oil and gas industry to chemical production and food processing, our products from Hydro Blind Solutions can help your business solve all its industrial piping challenges. We feature a full range of standard and custom blind flanges available for sale or rental, and we offer exceptional service with fast delivery worldwide.

With over 40 years of experience, we have the skill and knowledge to provide the quality industrial piping solutions your business needs to operate smoothly.

Call 409-736-7665 to request a quote for blind flange rentals or purchases in the U.S. and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of a blind flange?

A blind flange is used to isolate a section of piping for maintenance, redirect flow, or completely stop the flow in a piping system. It acts as a temporary or permanent cap.

How does a blind flange differ from a standard pipe flange?

While a blind flange resembles a standard pipe flange, it has no central opening, preventing fluids or gases from flowing through.

Which type of blind flange is best for high-pressure applications?

For high-pressure applications, the ring-type joint (RTJ) flanges are ideal as they feature a specialized groove that accepts a seal designed for high pressures.

How can I determine the right blind flange for my project?

Our team at Hydro Blind Solutions can assist you in selecting the correct blind flange based on your project’s requirements. You can call 409-736-7665 to better help you determine which blind flange is best for your project.

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