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Ring-Type Joint Paddle Blinds

Ideal for high-pressure or high-temperature applications, ring-type joint paddle blinds provide a reliable solution to isolate piping systems as they’re undergoing maintenance or repairs. When you need RTJ paddle blinds for your project, talk to our team at Hydro Blind Solutions.

We offer RTJ paddle blinds for purchase and rental, and with our 24/7 service and fast shipping, they can be on-site in no time. With over 40 years of experience in the sale and manufacture of industrial piping products, you can count on our team for excellent service and top-quality products.

Get the ideal RTJ paddle blind for your project by calling Hydro Blind Solutions today at 409-736-7665. We offer nationwide and worldwide shipping for fast service, no matter your location.

What Is an RTJ Paddle Blind?

An RTJ paddle blind features a T-shaped handle connected to a circular paddle, with a look that’s similar to a skillet or frying pan. Unlike a flat-faced paddle blind, the RTJ blind features a raised face on each side with a machined groove just inside the edge of the face that accepts a round metallic seal.

When installed between two pipe flanges, the metal seals on each side deform to fit the grooves, creating tight, leak-free seals that withstand high temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive chemicals.

The paddle blind stops flow in the piping system to isolate that section or perform maintenance and repairs. The construction of an RTJ paddle blind is similar to a raised-face blind, with the addition of the sealing grooves.

RTJ paddle blinds are known in the industry by many different names, depending on the location and the application. These can include:

  • Paddle blind ring-type joint
  • Paddle blank RTJ
  • RTJ slip blind
  • RTJ spade blind
  • RTJ package blind
  • RTJ skillet blind
  • RTJ line blank

Specifications & Classes

At Hydro Blind Solutions, we feature ASME B16.48 RTJ paddle blinds in these classes based on the size and pressure requirements for the project:

  • Class 150
  • Class 300
  • Class 600
  • Class 900
  • Class 1500
  • Class 2500

We offer products for nominal pipe sizes ranging from ½-inch to over 60 inches for both rental and purchase, plus we offer custom solutions through our on-site machining facilities.

Call 409-736-7665 today to request a quote for RTJ paddle blind sales or rentals anywhere in the world.

Material Types

Different projects call for different types of materials. At Hydro Blind Solutions, our RTJ paddle blinds are made from a variety of metal alloys, depending on your project specifications.

Our materials include:

  • Carbon steel: A robust and versatile material, carbon steel is known for its durability and is commonly used in various industrial applications.
  • Stainless steel: Renowned for its resistance to corrosion and staining, stainless steel offers strength and aesthetics, making it a preferred choice for projects that require a blend of functionality and appearance.
  • Specialty steel alloys: These are unique blends of metals designed for specific applications, offering properties that might not be found in standard steel types.

Top-Quality RTJ Paddle Blinds for Sale or Rental

Count on our team at Hydro Blind Solutions to get the perfect RTJ paddle blinds for your industrial piping needs. We feature a full range of sizes, specifications, and materials. Plus, with our full-featured machining and fabrication services, we can create custom paddle blinds for virtually any industrial piping project.

We also offer figure 8 blindsblind flangespaddle spacersvented paddle blindspurge paddle blindsbleed rings, and more, all manufactured in-house. We provide nationwide and global shipping for all our products, as well as 24-hour call-out services.

Call 409-736-7665 to discuss your project specifications with our experts so you can order the best RTJ paddle blinds for your needs.

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