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Machining Services for the Pipeline Industry

The petroleum energy industry relies on pipelines and other equipment buried underground to make oil and natural gas extraction and transportation possible. With products and services from Hydro Blind Solutions, we can make the process a bit easier. We rent and sell products and provide the custom machining services your pipeline company requires to get the job done.

Hydro Blind Solutions is based in Port Arthur, Texas, but we provide worldwide shipping to facilitate your needs wherever you’re located. We proudly manufacture all our products in-house and offer 24-hour customer service to ensure your order is shipped quickly. Our full line of product offerings for pipeline work includes:

Pipeline Product Rentals:

Pipeline Product Sales:

Custom Machining Services for Pipeline Work:

  • Drilling and tapping
  • Reducing flanges
  • Refacing/flat-facing flanges
  • Taper boring flanges
  • Custom pipe nipples
  • CNC plasma and Oxyfuel cutting
  • And more

For more information about the types of pipeline work we do, please call Hydro Blind Solutions at (409) 736-7665 or contact us online.

Types of Pipelines

Within the energy sector, there are two main types of pipelines. Liquid pipelines transport crude oil, liquefied natural gas, and distilled petroleum to refineries and distribution centers. Natural gas pipelines are used solely for the transportation of natural gas to processing plants, distribution centers, and buildings for end-use.

In addition, there are four subcategories of pipelines used for different purposes:

  • Gathering lines range from 10 to 30 cm in diameter and transport fuel over short distances, such as from wells into trucks for transport.
  • Feeder lines move fuel from storage tanks and processing facilities to transmission pipelines.
  • Transmission pipelines range from 10 cm to over a meter in diameter and transport fuel over long distances, sometimes crossing international borders.
  • Distribution pipelines range from 1 to 15 cm and are used to deliver natural gas to homes and businesses.

To learn more about the application of our products in your pipeline project, please contact us online or call (409) 736-7665.

Environmental Concerns of Constructing and Operating Pipelines

While pipelines are necessary for transporting petroleum products, several environmental concerns exist with regards to their construction and operation. These include:

  • Reduced air quality, soil erosion, and noise pollution caused by pipeline construction equipment
  • Soil contamination and loss of plant life resulting from pipeline leaks
  • Water resource disturbances, including changes in water flows, and reduced water quantity/quality

Pipeline companies can take numerous steps to minimize the environmental impact of their projects, including using products from Hydro Blind Solutions to help prevent leaks and spills. By isolating parts of the piping with blind flanges, paddle blinds, spectacle blinds, and vented paddle blinds, it’s possible to test for leaks and make repairs more easily.

Contact us online or call (409) 736-7665 to learn how our pipeline products can help make the process of transporting liquid and gaseous fuels easier and safer.

Call Hydro Blind Solutions for Pipeline Services

We have been serving pipeline companies for the past 40 years. Trust us to deliver first-class service and workmanship on any pipeline products you need for optimal downstream, midstream, or upstream performance.

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