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Vented Paddle Blinds

A vented paddle blind can offer a safe way to release pressure, fluids, or gasses from a piping system while providing a convenient port for hydrostatic or chemical testing. Also called vented slip blinds, vented spade blinds, vented line blanks, bleeder blinds, ported blinds, or drain blinds, they are essential tools for servicing industrial piping systems. When you need reliable, high-quality vented paddle blinds for your industrial piping project, turn to our team at Hydro Blind Solutions.

For over 40 years, our company has provided businesses throughout the United States and globally with innovative isolation piping products. We offer vented paddle blind purchase and rental, as well as in-house machining services for custom-made blinds, flanges, bleed rings, and more. Our team is available 24/7 to help keep your project on schedule, and we offer fast, reliable shipping worldwide.

To request a quote for a vented paddle blind purchase and rentals, call 409-736-7665.

Understanding Vented Paddle Blinds

A vented paddle blind features one face that is completely solid and one that features a small hole or vents bored into the surface that creates a passage to the exterior of the blind. Unlike a standard paddle blind that blocks flow in both directions when it is inserted between a pair of pipe flanges, the vents paddle blind blocks flow in on one side and allow a small amount of flow through the vent on the other side.

This can be used to pressure test the pipe, take samples of the gases or liquids, bleed off the air, or relieve pressure in the piping system. An external valve can be added to safely remove gases or liquids from the pipe without the risk of leaks or spills.

Specifications & Classes

At Hydro Blind Solutions, we feature vented paddle blinds for nominal pipe sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 60 inches. They meet HBS specifications and are available in the following classes:

  • Class 150
  • Class 150 Series A
  • Class 150 Series B
  • Class 300
  • Class 300 Series A
  • Class 300 Series B
  • Class 600
  • Class 600 Series A
  • Class 600 Series B
  • Class 900
  • Class 900 Series A
  • Class 900 Series B
  • Class 1500
  • Class 2500

We offer both carbon and stainless steel vented paddle blinds, as well as custom steel alloys. Our paddle blinds are available with either a milled or machined face, depending on your project tolerances and sealing requirements.

For more information about our vented paddle blinds, contact us online or call 409-736-7665 today.

Industries We Serve

Our vented paddle blinds are ideal for use in virtually any industrial piping application. We work closely with businesses in the following industries:

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When you need the highest-quality isolation piping products in the United States or worldwide, choose our team at Hydro Blind Solutions. We offer vented paddle blinds, standard paddle blinds, spectacle blinds, blind flanges, bleed rings, and more.

We have over 40 years of experience, and our team is available 24/7 to ensure you get the products you need as fast as possible. We offer sales and rentals, as well as custom machining services, and we ship globally.

Call 409-736-7665 today to purchase or rent vented paddle blinds anywhere in the United States or worldwide.

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