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Purge Paddle Blinds

Purging piping systems that are pressurized can pose a risk of injury, especially if the wrong equipment is used. Instead of ill-fitting spacers or other haphazard methods, consider using a purge paddle blind that is specifically designed for the job.

At Hydro Blind Solutions, we feature high-quality purge paddle blinds for all the most common pipe sizes and classes. We offer purge blind rentals and purchases throughout the United States and globally, and we provide fast shipping worldwide with 24/7 service. Our company has more than 40 years of experience, and we strive to be your go-to source for all your isolation piping products.

To learn more about our company and our full line of industrial piping products, call Hydro Blind Solutions today at 409-736-7665.

What Is a Purge Paddle Blind?

A standard paddle blind looks like a round steel plate with a handle. It blocks the flow of a pipe when inserted between two pipe flanges. Purge paddle blinds look similar, but they feature four channels machined into the plate from the center to the edges.

These channels allow liquid or gas to be safely discharged from the piping system when the blind is put into position. Other common names for a purge paddle blind include:

  • Purge blinds
  • Purge slip blind
  • Purge spade blind
  • Purge line blank
  • Purge paddle blank
  • Bleeder blind
  • Ported blind
  • Drain blind

Specifications & Classes

At Hydro Blind Solutions, we offer HBS-spec purge blind purchases and rentals throughout the country and worldwide. We feature purge paddle blinds in the following classes:

  • Class 150
  • Class 300
  • Class 600
  • Class 900
  • Class 1500
  • Class 2500

Want to know more about our purge paddle blinds and their specifications? Call 409-736-7665 today.

Purge Paddle Blind Materials

Purge blinds need to be durable to avoid wear and damage from high pressures. At Hydro Blind Solutions, our purge paddle blinds are made from high-grade carbon steel, stainless steel, or specialty, allowing for long-lasting, reliable use in some of the harshest conditions.

We manufacture our products in-house to ensure the highest quality, and we offer both sales and rentals to best meet your needs.

Flange Face Types

Depending on the pressure requirements of your piping system and the type of seals used, you may need different finishes on the flange face. At Hydro Blind Solutions, we offer milled flange faces to accept a wide variety of seals, as well as machined flange faces for better seal performance in high-pressure applications.

To learn which materials and flange faces are best for your application, contact our experts online or call 409-736-7665.

Industries We Serve

As a leading supplier of industrial piping products, Hydro Blind Solutions is proud to offer purge paddle blinds for the following industries:

Purge Paddle Blind Purchase & Rental

When you want the best equipment to purge piping systems safely and quickly, talk to our team at Hydro Blind Solutions, we feature top-quality purge paddle blinds for sale or rental, and offer worldwide shipping with 24-hour service for your convenience. 

We also offer a full line of other isolation piping products, including standard paddle blindsfigure-8 blindsblind flangesvented paddle blinds, and bleed rings, as well as custom machining services.

Call 409-736-7665 now for purge paddle blind rentals or purchases anywhere in the world.

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