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Isolation Piping Products for Rental & Purchase in Mentone, TX

The valves are the soul of your isolation piping. Without them, your entire work area will fail, so Hydro Blind Solutions has developed a wide range of flanges and blinds to suit any situation.

We can handle everything from the tiniest fluid management system to the largest industrial site. We offer our equipment as both outright purchases and rentals so that you can nip and tuck your budget to perfection. Our team has the knowledge to help you find a solution to the toughest problems.

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24-Hour Call-Out Services in Mentone

We understand that not all needs can wait, so we offer a 24-hour emergency call-out service for urgent projects.

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Products for Sale & Rental in Mentone

At Hydro Blind Solutions, we pride ourselves on our diverse product line. We stock a huge array of paddle, slip, and spade blinds in any size or pressure class. We also offer MTRs on all our flanges when requested. We offer:

SME B16.48 Paddle/Slip/Spade Blinds

Our hydro paddle, slip, and spade blinds are offered in a range of dimensions and ring spacers. We sell and rent to both local and foreign clients.

If you need to isolate a smaller section of pipe, we have:

  • A516-70 paddle/slip/spade blinds
  • 304/304L paddle/slip/spade blinds
  • 316/316L paddle/slip/spade blinds

We also stock the A516-70 paddle/slip/spade blind in five-sixteenths thickness.

Figure Eight Blinds & Spectacle Blinds

Positive isolation requires a different approach to your blinds. Our line blanks are designed to offer the utmost safety through precision engineering.

These are long-term isolation devices, so quality counts. That’s why we’ve chosen robust carbon steel options. We sell and rent:

  • A516-70 carbon steel figure 8/spectacle blinds
  • A36 carbon steel figure 8 spectacle blinds

Blind Flanges

Our fittings are robustly cast and forged to meet the ANSI B16.5 class. This assures you of a product that can withstand extreme pressures and temperatures.

These blind flanges are designed to conserve the vital materials in your piping components and are offered in both a raised face carbon steel and RTJ carbon steel. We rent and sell:

  • ANSI B16.5 blind flanges, including the A105 raised face carbon steel blind flange and the A105 RTJ carbon steel blind flange
  • ASME B16.47 A and B Blind flanges in the A105 raised face carbon steel A and B blind flange

We understand that our clients can’t always afford size variations, so our in-house machinist will engineer and produce a custom product, even on an urgent basis.

Machining Services in Mentone

Our machinists are highly skilled. They can produce a huge array of custom flanges, pipe nipples, and other products.

Our machining services include:

  • Taper boring
  • Refacing and flat facing flanges
  • Customized pipe nipples
  • Drilling and tapping flanges
  • A reduction of threaded and socket weld flanges

Industries We Serve in Mentone

The Hydro Blind Solutions team has the skills and resources to serve a wide range of industries. Our goal is always to ensure that you receive the best products at the best prices on the shortest schedule.

We have extensive experience with:

We’ll ensure you receive the perfect size, grade, and class. Every application and project has its own needs, so we also offer isolation blind flange rentals. This way, hydro tests are easy to complete on a tight budget without losing efficacy.

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